Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Y3 Visit to Butser Farm

What a super day we had at Butser Farm. The children were very excited about their trip, and set off bright and early on the coaches.

When we arrived, there was a treat in store. We were taken to see two lambs - just three hours old! We all had to be very quiet, in case we upset them and they didn't form a strong enough attachment to their mother.

Then it was off to the first activities. We started by being Celts. We smashed chalk to make building materials, carved chalk to make our own designs, and then used chalk, soil, water and straw to make a clunch house. We did not try wattle and daub. As that would have involved using cow poo, we felt it was a good thing!

We had lunch in a Celtic roundhouse, sitting on low benches and skins. Although there was a fire in the centre of the room, it was not hugely warm in there.

After lunch, we made a mosaic using real tiles, visited the shop ( always a highlight ) and looked around a reproduction of a roman villa. There were some Roman clothes there, if you need inspiration for our Roman Day.

It was a great day, and the children loved it. What was even nicer, was that at the end of the day, the staff at the centre sought us out to tell us how impressed they were with the children's behaviour. Well done, Year Three

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