Friday, 24 June 2016

Chance to Shine on the Cricket Field

Aldershot's 27th Kwik Cricket Festival 2016

60 children from Newport Junior School, spent the day at Aldershot Cricket Club competing in the 27th Kwik Cricket Festival. Both year 4's and 5's had two kwik cricket teams, whilst year 6 had one kwik cricket team and one pairs cricket team. All teams represented the school extremely well and showed fantastic sportsmanship throughout the whole festival. Not only this but they also had the chance to show off their cricket skills with some outstanding batting and spectacular catches on the field.

Year 4
Year 4 played extremely well throughout, improving their batting and fielding skills during each game. Team A won 3 of their matches and lost one by one wicket against St. Josephs. Despite their great efforts, we did not reach the finals because two other teams won all four of their matches. Team B showed great determination and friendship, cheering each other on. They ended up competing for the plate final but sadly lost by two runs. Miss Cooke and Mrs Fry were really proud of everyone today, seeing a real improvement in all players. Well done for such brilliant behaviour and sportsmanship!

Year 5
Both teams in year 5 played 4 competition games alongside some friendly matches throughout the day. Team A managed to win 3 of their games but sadly lost one meaning that we did not make it to the final. However in one of our games we managed to score a whopping 61 runs! A special mention should go to William Hurcomb, who was our secret weapon when it came to batting and most teams struggled to get him out. Some fantastic bowling was also seen from Arthur Cooper, Maisy Knight and Melissa Mullen. Although Team B came across some challenging components, with guidance from their captains Riley Nuttall and Robson Shurlock, everyone batted well especially Sienna and Caitlin. As the day progressed the teams fielding became stronger including an amazing catch by Katso. A superb performance by both year five teams.

Year 6
The year 6 Kwik Cricket team were incredibly enthusiastic throughout the entire day, being super supportive of each other, as well as the other teams playing. Furthermore, they showed great determination, picking up hints and tips from coaches and other teams to improve their own game. Sophie Devanny, in particular, was the most improved; she continuously developed her skills with the support of the rest of the team. The year 6 paired cricket team showed great determination under the watchful eye of their captain Finley O'Connor. All members of the team had a positive attitude throughout the day, always trying their best and encouraging other members of their team. A special thank you should go to Kira Nuttall, who played extremely well considering she stepped in at the last minute.

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