Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Sports Week Day 3

Rain Doesn't Stop Play at Newport!

Although the rain may have stopped play at Wimbledon today, that didn't stop the children of Newport Junior School continuing with their sporting activities! 

Year three definitely put Miss Quinn through her paces today as she completed dance day with the year group. During the day the children learnt dance moves such as the funky monkey and other moves linked to the film Rio. Each class took to the stage at the end of the day to perform their fantastic pieces with massive smiles on their faces and putting 100% effort into their moves.

Year five started the day throwing javelins and discovering who in their class could throw the furthest. This afternoon they then braved the wet and windy weather to take part in  a dodgeball session with Mr Garner. 

Meanwhile year 4 tried their skills at handball before learning about the history of the Olympic games, including highlights of the London 2012 Olympics. Then they got creative by designing their own Olympic medals and sporting mod roc sculptures!

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