Monday, 23 March 2020

Home Learning Begins!

Good morning year 6 children,

We just wanted to wish you good luck on your first day of home working! We may not be with you physically but we are definitely there with you mentally, reminding you of your capital letters and quick firing maths questions at you! Although we are not with you, we want you all to know that everything you have learnt with us this year means you are ready to take on this challenge; it is your chance to shine independently (maybe with a little parent help!)

Since Mr Knight and I are part of the Team B Staff and are not in school until next week, we will be joining you on your home working experience this week! The first thing I did this morning was set up a home learning area to work from. For me my desk is under my stairs so I feel a little like Harry Potter today but I have Honey's golden rhino for company and Grace's plant to brighten it up! I am not sure what Mr Knight's home learning area looks like but I think we all know that it won't be as organised as mine! Have you picked a home learning spot yet or are you going to try somewhere different each day? Perhaps, under the stairs like me, or in the garden, or under the dining table or maybe even in the bath! (With no water in it so your work doesn't get wet of course!) Your choices are endless!

The year 6 team will be trying to make regular blog updates to keep in contact with you and support you on this journey so keep your eyes peeled on the school website for more!

Now get going on that first SATs paper while  I will have to go and make my own cup of tea as I don't have Mrs Woodward around to make me my morning drink this morning!

The Year 6 Team

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