Monday, 27 April 2020

Around the World

Hello everyone!

Anyone got that Monday morning feeling? Well I have lots of things to keep you busy today and get you travelling all over the world!

Firstly, parents, some of you may already be aware of this, but BBC Bitesize are releasing daily lessons to support you while you are home learning with your children. There are three lessons added each day for each individual year group, focusing on English and maths however there will also be some with a science, geography and history focus as well as other subject areas. I’m looking forward to seeing what is released each day! Every lesson contains they key information, videos and activities to consolidate learning. You are even able to access previous day’s lessons if you missed them. There has already been a year 6 history lesson on ‘Who were the Ancient Egyptians?’ which goes well with our topic this half term. You can access these lessons on the following link:

Secondly, children, we know it is not very fun being stuck at home all day everyday but many places are now offering virtual tours even of some places I will probably never get to experience in real life. Now, because there are so many virtual tours, I am just going to focus on the Wonders of the World as it links nicely to our year 6 topic this half term but other year groups you may find these places interesting to explore as well. Parents, you may also enjoy these tours; I know I did and am now planning a round the world trip so if I am not back at school when it opens, I’ll be at one of the Wonders of the World! Enjoy travelling all over the world with the links below!

Christ the Redeemer, Brazil:
All 7 New Wonders of the World:

And somewhere I have always wanted to go and visit:

I would also like to wish Miss Eccles a very Happy Birthday today!

I hope you enjoy your free holiday experience around the world! Make sure you land back in time for tomorrow’s blog!

Miss Parker

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