Monday, 20 April 2020

The Start of Summer Home Learning!

Good Morning All,

Welcome to another half term of home learning!

We hope you all had a lovely Easter and managed to get up to some fun activities at home! I am sure you will be pleased to know that I managed to finish my jigsaw puzzle and have now started a paint by numbers, however I feel it is going to take me a long time to complete!

For however long the schools remain closed for, you will now be receiving a weekly home learning pack sent via parentmail. This pack will include a cover sheet that outlines your tasks for the week, along with three English, three maths and three topic tasks. In this week’s year 6 pack, we have also included some other educational activities that you may wish to try but these are optional and we know that some of you have been creating your own learning experiences at home, which is great and we encourage you to keep doing this. If you have access to a computer and internet, there is also a list of educational websites that you may wish to use to support learning at home. Finally, we have included an example timetable for how you could structure your week but this is only a guide and we know that some of you will have your own ways of organising your weeks and that is completely fine. If you would like to have a go at creating your own home learning schedule, whether that be children or parents for children, here are some other examples plus a blank template for you to have a go:


We recognise that as you are temporally your child’s primary educator it can seem a rather daunting experience but you can make the most of it and the year 6 team are contactable via email should you need our support or even if your child wants to reach out to us and just hear (read) a familiar voice, although, who am I kidding, they do not think we exist outside of the school building and run the other way when they see us in supermarkets! (

We have sent home learning packs home for your children to complete but we also understand the battle you may have with some children in getting these finished! That is why we want you to understand that now is a great opportunity for the children to be children. While it is important that they are completing some school work and reading daily also let them bake, play with Lego, dance like no one is watching (because no one will be as we are all on lockdown although people may still hear your singing!), play video games etc. These are all learning experiences too.

Please do not feel guilty because your child is having fun instead of learning their spellings. Yours and their mental health is extremely important at this time. Spend some quality time with your incredible children to distress the situation and enjoy it!

There is lots of talk about whether this will hold children back in their learning but what if it actually advanced them? The experiences they have at home, whether that be cooking, working with money, gardening etc. are all essential life skills that they will need to have for the future and now is the perfect time to develop these skills. Have fun with your home learning and enjoy it. With that said, why not try some of the ideas on the stay at home bucket list below. My personal favourite is the hula hoop contest: I have some tricks up my sleeve with that one!

You can find a printable version on this website:

And on another note, if any of our lovely year 6 children (or any other junior children) are giving you a bit of a hard time at home (which I know they wouldn’t dare!), you could always put in place a behaviour chart like the one we have at school! Sorry again children!

Finally, we have already had one of our year 6 children, Sophie, email in with a learning idea that she has been doing at home and wanted us to share it with you guys. If you have access to BBC IPlayer, she recommends you watch Operation Ouch which is a science based show with some interesting experiments and facts. A great watch for any future scientist out there!

If you do have any ideas that you have discovered and think are worth a mention on the blog or if you would like a shout out for your child because it is their birthday please do email in to – any year group welcome!

Until tomorrow,

Miss Parker

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