Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Work Out Wednesday Yoga Style!

It is Wednesday! We are halfway through the week!

Today it is all about taking some time to relax! With families spending 24 hours together all day everyday there is no doubt going to be times when things are a little tense in your homes but today’s activity will hopefully guarantee that it is calm and peaceful for at least 30 minutes!

I am hoping that all family members will join in with today’s activity and it can be quite fun trying to get into some of the poses!

My idea for you today is to hold a yoga session! I find these sessions work best in the mornings and really prepare me for the day ahead. I have included some images below with some yoga poses that you can try but also I would recommend following along to the Cosmic Kids Yoga videos on YouTube. This channel allows you to complete yoga moves alongside a particular theme including the Wizard of Oz, Star Wars and Harry Potter!

I hope you all find your inner zen while completing today’s activity!

Miss Parker

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