Friday, 24 April 2020

Making Weekend Plans!

Morning all!

We have nearly made it through another week of home working which means it is time to start thinking about our weekend plans. Obviously, at the moment, this means plans at home!

Now, like me, I know some of you will be missing socialising with your friends, especially if you like to chat like Kaiya in my class (I hope your mum is coping with your chattiness!). As a lot of you are advanced for your age and have a more modern phone than me (or use your parent’s hopefully with their permission!), I have no doubt you have been video chatting and messaging your friends but it is not quite the same as a play date! Therefore it is time to organise yourself some virtual play dates and make those video calls more fun! First of all, here are some apps or online websites that you can use to host virtual chats and playdates if you haven’t already:

·         Caribu: Caribu is like Zoom for kids and currently it’s free to use!  Caribu is an video-calling app integrating children’s books and activities together.   Kids can read books from the 1,000-plus titles together, play games and colour during a video call.  

·         Messenger KidsFacebook’s Messenger Kids allows kids 6-12 to video chat and message friends and family with challenges, drawings and filters.  Plus, they can use it to collaborate on homework with a study group or talk about group projects.

·         Google Hangouts: GoogleHangouts allow you to keep in touch at the click of a button!  You can set up a conversation with one person or a group up to 150 people (not that you’ll want that many on a virtual playdate!)

·         Zoom: Zoom is really easy to use!  All you have to do is set up a meeting and share the link with the other parents.  With a time limit of 40 minutes per video call, Zoom makes it a great option for kids with a limited amount of screen time.

Once you have your app sorted, you then need to work out what you are going to do as your virtual playdate. Here are some ideas below of what you could do or you may have your own that you want to try. My top three have to be the dance party, karaoke and charades! Any ideas which ones I should try with the rest of the year 6 team?!

Parents, I am hoping these will keep the children busy for a little while so you can get a well-earned break!

Finally, we have an incredible Ancient Civilisation presentation sent in to us by Alyssa and Lilly which we would like to share with you. I hope the link works:

We have also had a fantastic self-portrait sent in from Chloe as part of last half terms Pop Art home learning pack.

And have been sent in some incredible videos of Elwyn practising his gym. Please don't try these moves at home unless you are trained! I know I won't be otherwise I may injure myself!

Keep up the hard work everyone!

Have a lovely weekend and I will be back next week with more ideas!

Miss Parker

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