Tuesday, 21 April 2020

The World of Geography!

Good morning all,

Today I have decided to have a bit of change of scenery with my home learning and am now working next to the tiger enclosure at Port Lympne! Although, later I may move to the lion enclosure!

Okay, so I am not really but I feel like I am! And the tigers are a lot less chatty than my class but they also seem to do less work!

So today’s blog is one for Mrs Woodward as our geography subject leader at the junior school! I have discovered some online geography game websites that I have already learnt quite a lot from! I am not going to lie, I did find them quite challenging at first, sorry Mrs Woodward! You can test what your knowledge is like on countries, flags, capitals, rivers and lots more. Parents, if any of you are competing in virtual quizzes at the moment and struggling on the Geography rounds these may also be useful to you! I am going to be a geography expert in the next quiz that I take part in!

Lizard Point Geography Quizzes: https://lizardpoint.com/geography/index.php

Seterra https://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3459 (includes maps of Ancient Civilisations for our year 6 history topic)

Zoomtastic: https://zoomtasticgame.com/ (work out the country from a zoomed in map)

Have fun on them and when we get back to school be sure to test Mrs Woodward on what you have learnt; I am sure she is up to the challenge!

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