Thursday, 2 April 2020

Helping the Parents with a bit of Hinching!

Good morning all!

So today, I think it is time that you children helped your parents out around the house! You have been home learning for nearly two weeks now so it is time to thank your parents by helping them clean the house! Parents this one is for you, sorry kids!

As dedicated Hinchers (there must be some parents out there who are as well!), myself and Miss Eccles feel it is time that they learnt the skill of cleaning as part of their home learning! Also it means that when we return to school, the children will be trained up and ready to keep my classroom tidy!

Since we follow Mrs Hinch's cleaning tips, we always have a hinch list on the go of what jobs we would like to get done! So it is time to set up one for your children! If your toilet needs cleaning or your car needs a wash, add it to the kids Hinch list! Here are some of my examples (I like to make them colourful with highlighters! I even have my own Hinching pen thanks to Ruby in my class!):

Miss Eccles knows that this is a task that Cordei in my class will enjoy as he is always so good at washing up after year 6 paint! It is so satisfying ticking off the jobs once you have completed them!

And, before Mrs Brock complains, this is a very educational experience. Take a look at the example timetable below!

To get you started here are some ideas of what the children can do but be sure to add your own and make the list as long as you need! My top tip at the moment is to disinfect all your door handles and light switches.

So why not keep your kids busy today with the housework! You never know Mr Allcroft might employ some of them as cleaners once we are back at school!

Enjoy your day! I hope your homes are gleaming by the end of it!

Miss Parker and Miss Eccles

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