Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Learn a New Language!

Good morning!

Sorry the blog is a little later, I got distracted by my jigsaw puzzle and didn't realise the time! Is anyone else doing a jigsaw puzzle? Can you tell what mine is meant to be? P.S. mine is really hard!

Did anyone else have lots of fun on the coding website yesterday? I ended up getting Mr Knight involved with the dance party and then, when I got home, I tried out the Minecraft one! Might do a little bit more on my lunch break today! If you missed the link to the website, check out yesterday's blog and it is on there.

Yesterday, we had great fun in school watching The Wind in the Willows musical while completing the activity booklet and creating our own costume designs. Also found out that it is one of Mr Knight's favourites! Has anyone else managed to watch it yet? Like with all the previous blogs if you have missed any, you should be able to find them on the left hand side of this screen.

Right, on to today! I am home working again and have left Mr Knight in charge - chaos could happen in school! I will be back in school tomorrow however!

Today is all about learning a new language! One for Mrs Burke! Below is a list of websites where you are able to start learning a new language through videos and activities! I have also included a link to a sign language video which I am going to try and learn today as I think this is a great skill to have!

British Sign Language:
Range of Languages:
Music based Spanish learning:

Enjoy your day! It looks like it is going to be another sunny one!

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