Thursday, 23 April 2020

Time Capsule Thursday

Hello again everyone,

I have been very excited about today’s blog and it is something that I plan on doing myself!

Since we are living through a key moment in history at the moment, what better idea than creating a time capsule to bury in your garden! Imagine someone or you digging it up in years to come and discovering or remembering what life was like during this time! A bit like Anne Frank and her diary.

Below is some ideas of pages that you could include but you may have your own ideas. You may even want to include some items or objects that remind you of this time (but, obviously, nothing that you are going to want in the future if you are going to bury it underground!).

If you do not have a printer like me, then you can steal the ideas from on screen and make your own versions of the pages on plain paper!

Once you have decided and gathered together everything you want to put in your time capsule find a tin that will keep your objects safe in the British weather (it could even be an old quality street or roses tin from Christmas) and place all your objects inside before burying it in the garden. If you prefer, you could just place it somewhere in your home, perhaps your loft, to discover in years to come.

Children, please ask permission before you go digging up your garden to plant it underground! I do not want complaints when your Mum’s favourite rose bush is hacked to pieces or your Dad’s perfect lawn is destroyed! Luckily for me, having just moved house before Christmas, we have just cleared our very overgrown garden so I have lots of choices of where I can place mine without getting into trouble!

Again, like yesterday’s post, please email the year 6 team on if you would like the printable version of this idea or it can also be found on the following link:

Have fun with this and get creative!

Miss Parker

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