Friday, 3 April 2020

Congratulations You Made it to Easter Break!

Good morning everyone!

Firstly I would like to say a massive well done to you all, parents and children, as you have almost made it to the Easter holidays - only one day to go!

I would also like to give a shout out to Mr Knight's Mum as I found out yesterday that she has been reading the blog! She only just found out that Mr Knight's favourite musical is Wind in the Willows! Her and Mr Knight's Dad have both been taking part in the PE with Joe morning sessions; I wonder if they dressed up for fancy dress Friday today?!

By the way, I only realised yesterday that on the coding website, I blogged about earlier in the week, if you click on more tutorials there are Star Wars, Frozen and Sports themed coding activities! That is my day sorted!

If you enjoyed your virtual day at Chester Zoo last week (I certainly did, as did my Dad!) then they have a second virtual school trip today live from their Facebook and YouTube pages! I will definitely be watching today as the eastern black rhinos are on at 11am!  Here is what they have to say about it:

A little birdie told us you quite enjoyed your last virtual trip to the zoo…

So, as you're not able to come and see us in person right now, we’re once again bringing the zoo to you!

Join us LIVE on our Facebook or YouTube pages from 10am when we'll be throwing open our 'virtual gates.'

Enjoy a whole day of animal antics, live from your sofa! 🙌

We'll be featuring many of your favourites...

10:00 👉 Meerkats (WARNING: There may be new babies!) 😍
11:00 👉 Eastern black rhinos 🦏 - Miss Parker's favourite!!
12:00 👉 Beautiful birds 🐦
13:00 👉 Poison dart frogs 🐸
14:00 👉 Jaguars 😺
15:00 👉 Okapi ⚪️⚫️

Come and join the fun. The animals are waiting...

(*Running order may be subject to ever so slight changes... and there may be more surprises throughout the day!)

The link to their YouTube Channel is:

Also they have many activities to download on their website for some extra learning (I might give some a go myself - the colouring looks quite relaxing!) found here:

Honey, I know you are reading this so I hope you tune in for the rhinos and please tell your sister, Lola, that the giraffes were on the virtual zoo tour last week, if you missed them you should be able to find the video on either of their Facebook or YouTube pages to catch up!

Right, now on to the real idea for my blog today - got a little distracted by the animals again! So you have made it to the Easter Holidays and we know that you have been working hard at home so do make sure you take some time to have some fun and relax at home this Easter break! I am going to be putting some links and photographs of some Easter crafts you could do over your time off below. From Easter wreaths to complete Easter trees there should be something to keep you busy!

Firstly, I put my own Easter wreath on my door on Wednesday (it was April the 1st so I figured this was allowed!). I thought it may be nice for you guys to make your own that you can hang up on your doors inside or out! There are a couple of ideas below including a picture of my one (obviously not home made - my artistic skills are not that good!) but there are many other ideas online.

My little Easter Wreath

If you have any spare socks lying around and some rice (although that is in short supply at the moment!) you could have a go at making these sock bunnies:

You could also paint your own cardboard Easter eggs to hide around your house and garden to make your own Easter egg hunt:

If you prefer a more science based challenge, then see if you can transport an egg down a zip wire without dropping and breaking it!

Or you might like to imagine it is like Christmas again and make decorations for your own Easter tree! If you have an artificial Christmas tree, why not get it back out and decorate it with Easter themed items! 

These are only a few ideas of Easter themed activities that you can be taking part in over your holiday; there are many more ideas online should you wish to look yourselves. Whatever you do at home this Easter, we hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time. 

I will be back after the Easter break even in the classroom or with more blog updates!

Enjoy watching the rhinos!

Happy Easter!

Miss Parker

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