Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Monopoly Sports Edition

Hello everyone!

As I did a blog for Mrs Woodward yesterday, I feel it is only fair that I do one for Mr Knight today! Obviously, it is PE based as Mr Knight is our junior school PE leader so I hope you and your families are ready to get active!

This is actually something that Mr Knight sent me from the Hampshire School Games Team and would like to share with you so welcome to your Monopoly fitness board!

You can play this with your family and the instructions are simple:

·         Choose a piece of equipment to represent your character on the board! (This could be anything you have lying around the house)

·         Take turns in rolling the dice and move your piece the correct number of squares

·         Make sure you complete the activity on the square before the next person can take their turn

·         If you aren’t sure what an activity is then make it up!  

·         Keep playing for 20 minutes or however long you want to!

·         Each time you pass start get yourself a drink of water and give yourself 1 point!

·         The winner is the person who has the most points at the end of your time frame

If anyone would like a printable copy of the board then please do email the year 6 team ( ) and I will email it out to you, unfortunately I cannot attach documents to the blog.

I plan on taking on Mr Knight next week when we are in school! Wish me luck!

Good luck and have fun! Children see if you can get more points than your parents! Parents no cheating!
Also, I have become aware that parents across the country have been placing OFSTED grading signs, like the ones below, in their home-school windows this did make me chuckle. Just know that we would rate you all as outstanding, you had 2 days to prepare for a job that I trained for 4 years for so I take my hats off to you. Get displaying your OFSTED sign in your window now! 

Have a good day.

Miss Parker

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