Thursday, 2 April 2020


This morning, year 3 and 4 decided to make some posters to show our appreciation for NHS staff. The children worked extremely hard during their early morning task. Have a look at some of their amazing work below. Can anyone spot my creation? Mrs Shuttleworth and I have agreed to send them to a care home in the local area to brighten their day.

In English today, we have been busy writing Wanted Posters to capture Willy Wonka because he has stolen all of the chocolate from around the world! He is now threatening to destroy it which would be awful! In Maths, we have been busy practicing our division skills, using repeated subtraction on a number line as well as short division. This afternoon, we listened to the Oompa Loompa song and even came up with our own lyrics. We are going to add some actions and musical instruments tomorrow.

I hope you have all been busy at home too! We would love to see some of your amazing work so don't forget to ask your parents to email us at or you can do the same with year 4. We hope everyone is OK and you are all staying safe. Keep up the hard work!

Miss Cooke

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