Tuesday, 19 May 2020

30 Day Dish Challenge!

Good morning everyone!
Firstly, I just want to say that I have got a bit carried away with the bitmoji app - there are so many stickers on there! So you may see a bitmoji of me appearing every now and again on the blog this week!
I have already been sent in a great picture of a Flat Mrs Woodward, who is trying her hand at baking! Thank you Mrs Wiseman for this; I can't wait to see what Mr Knight and I get up to! Remember to send in your Flat Teacher pictures to the year 6 email!

Now I know during lockdown a lot of people have been baking including myself! I have made some delicious white chocolate shortbread and salted caramel blondies! The skills involved with baking and cooking are very important for you to know as you progress into adult life – at some point you are going to have to cook for yourself! Below are some of the kitchen skills that it has been suggested you know by a certain age. Can you do all the skills included for your age group?

My challenge for you today is one I have stolen from Sainsbury’s which I am also going to be trying! A 30 day dish challenge! It may take a bit of planning but the end results should be tasty! Let me know how you get on!

Obviously, I couldn’t leave without sharing the recipe I used for my salted caramel blondies because I know there is going to be someone out there who wants to make them! So below is the link for the recipe I used:


Miss Parker

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