Friday, 1 May 2020

Year 5 WOW wall work

Hello everyone

Well, another week has passed. We hope that you are all well and are managing to have some fun at home as well as working hard!

We have received some fabulous examples of work and play through from you. Thank you to the children (and parents) who sent them in. Some of your photographs have been printed out and added to the WOW wall at the infant site for everyone there to see.  This is the picture of that wall from Twitter, posted yesterday by Mrs Rose.

Here are some of the pictures we have been sent. We all love Taylor’s rainbow hair – her tribute to all key workers. Liam’s pirate leaflet was colourful and detailed too. If we had been in school, we would have had to sharpen lots of pencils! Kiran-Mai’s gymnastic skills are super impressive – as you may remember we saw her skills in our talent contest last year. Finally, the patience and skill it must have taken to make Oliver’s Lego stadium is absolutely amazing! Definitely worthy of 5 team points. Mrs Paish says it’s a great choice of stadium too J. Well done to all of the children who sent in their work or the things they have been doing. Why not send yours in?  Then all your friends can see what you have been up to.


Don’t forget, Miss Parker is blogging daily with lots of activities for you to try – check out the Year 6 blog. We hope some of you have carried on your school closure diaries or have made a time capsule. These could be artefacts for future historians to read, use or maybe even teach with. Imagine that!

We have listed some extra websites below, in case you want to keep your maths and English skills up, enter a writing competition, watch celebrities teach lessons or just have some fun. We hope you enjoy trying these out. - Lots of maths practise, lessons and activities - For those of you who love creative writing, this website has a daily picture and story starter as well as other English challenges - lots of lessons on different subjects for you to keep up your knowledge and skills or learn new ones. - Daily lessons on BBC iPlayer, fronted by some of your favourite presenters.   - A fabulous website with reading suggestions for all key stages and a list of writing competitions that you can enter - as well as lots of book reviews and links to lots more home learning. 

Remember to send us your pictures and that if you need help with any of your work, you can email  and one of the Year 5 team will respond.

We hope to see you very soon,

Mrs Paish, Mr Davies and Mrs McWilliam

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