Friday, 15 May 2020

Sending a Virtual Hug

Hello everyone!

Once again we have made it to Friday which means we are thinking ahead to the weekend!
Why not have some family fun with a board game this weekend, it could be one that you create yourself using the idea on our non-screen activities in aprevious blog or it could be one that you already have at home. I quite like this adapted version of Jenga that I found where you have to complete an activity for each Jenga block you take out. If you have Jenga at home, you just need to take a marker pen and write your activities on the side of each block but please ask your parents before you do this!

Secondly, we know that as you are on lockdown in your homes at the moment you are unable to visit some important people in your life so why not mail them a virtual hug like the ones below. You could attach a photo of yourself to it or paint your handprints on. You could even attach a little message to it.


Take care,
Miss Parker

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