Monday, 11 May 2020

A message from the year 6 team and competitions for all you historians out there!

Good morning everyone!

Welcome to the start of another week of home learning! One that, had we been at school, would have been year 6 SATs week! There is probably a mixture of emotions today about this some may be happy whilst other may be disappointed that they can't show off what they have been working so hard for all year. No matter how you are feeling, we have a special video for you today - a message from the year 6 team! Head over to the school Facebook page to see it!

On today’s blog I also have two competitions for all you budding historians out there! We haven’t had a history blog yet and I feel as a lot of you will be doing history tasks in your home learning packs these competitions will be an exciting task to go alongside them.

First up we have a competition by the Historical Association where you write your own historical fiction. For this you need to write a historical story that has a convincing setting in a past time and place e.g. The Tudors or Ancient Egyptians. You can set your story in any time period or place in the past. The link below has all the details of the competition and how your parents can send in your entry. The winner will receive a £25 cash prize and an engraved Bath Aqua Blue glass paperweight to display with pride in your house! Find out more on the following link:

Our second competition is run by the Women’s History Network who are inviting you to join them in celebrating women’s history month which occurred back in March. They are challenging young researchers to create a piece of art inspired by one of history’s heroines- perhaps Florence Nightingale or Emily Pankhurst. The good news is that the deadline for the competition has been extended to the 1st June. Details of how to enter can be found on the following link:

Have fun historians!

Miss Parker

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