Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Ninja School!

Wednesday can only mean one thing – it is time for a workout!

Some my question for you all today is: Who wants to be a ninja?!

If you have always been a fan of martial arts then today’s activity will interest you. If you have access to YouTube, head over to the links below where you can join in with an instructor to learn basic karate skills suitable for kids and start your Ninja life journey!

Please make sure you practise these safely and be aware of any furniture that may be in your way! We do not want any injuries!
In other news the year 6 Flat Teachers have been very busy at Mrs Wiseman's house! Including some cleaning, gardening and social distancing at the butchers!
 Social distancing at the butchers when we went to buy our dinner!
 I had to step in and help Mrs Woodward with her baking!
 Mr Knight tried his hand at a spot of gardening but I'm pretty sure he stopped for a break!
 I had been busy hinching (cleaning) but then my dog was very naughty!
Mr Knight's Online Shopping Purchases!

Stay safe,

Miss Parker

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