Tuesday, 12 May 2020


Hello all,

So I am pretty sure most of you know that I love rhinos so today’s blog is a personal favourite of mine and I have called it #bemorerhino! I wonder what today’s blog could be about?!

#bemorerhino was created by the charity Helping Rhinos and has lots of activities for everyone to do at home to learn more about rhinos and rhino conservation. I particularly know that Ethan B in my class will be interested in this one!

Helping Rhinos upload a range of factsheets, quizzes and activities on a weekly basis so have a look through and see what takes your fancy. There is even a few activities linked to the orphan hippos that they look after – Mrs Shuttleworth’s favourite animal!

As well as this there are two drawing competitions on the blog where you can either win a rhino (a soft toy not the real thing to look after, don’t worry parents!) or win a trip to visit a rhino. Unfortunately, I am too old to enter so it is over to you guys for this one! If you do happen to take part in the rhino drawing competition, please also send your artwork in to year6@Alderwood.hants.sch.uk as I would love to see them!

All the activities to download can be found on the following website: https://www.helpingrhinos.org/bemorerhino/

I hope you join the rhino crash and you will #bemorerhino in no time!

Miss Parker

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