Thursday, 21 May 2020

Family Fun with Board Games!

Good morning everyone,
Has anyone else being watching Work in the Wild on Channel 4? I absolutely love it! The show follows a group of UK vets and volunteers who gave up their day jobs in the UK and moved to South Africa to work with some of the world's most endangered animals - including rhinos! My favourite part so far has been Weigh in Wednesday's with the rhinos! If you want to watch it, it is on every week day at 4pm (best part for you parents is that it is on for a whole hour so you might get some piece and quiet!) for the next 4 weeks!
Also, yesterday evening I was sent in these incredible photos of the Year 6 Flat Teachers from Alfie! Not only do we supervise him doing work and Joe Wicks PE but Mr Knight is watching his keepy uppies and I am dreaming of New York which I do often! Please do keep sending in your Flat Teacher images we love seeing them! 

Similar to last week’s blog about jigsaw puzzles, today’s blog is about what you can do when you are bored of playing the same old board games during lockdown.

Over the last few weeks, I am sure families have often been playing board games like Monopoly and there has probably been plenty of tears, laughter and arguments. But are you now board of playing the same games?

It is time to take matters into your own hands and have a go at creating your own board game. It could be your own version of Monopoly (maybe an Aldershot edition) or a quiz game like Trivia Pursuit or your own adaptation of Cluedo. Alternatively, you could come up with your own game from scratch! I have included some templates below to help get you started.

There is one very important think that your board game must have and that is a set of rules! Make sure you have written some rules of how your game works and include how someone wins otherwise there may be lots of arguments! You may need to change these rules as you play the first time when you find out what works and what does not work.

Once you have made your game, have fun playing it with your family.

Miss Parker

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